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Wipe mac hard drive to prevent your data from misuse

There are various situations where you are in need to delete all your mac hard drive data for e.g. in case of selling or sending it to any repair centre. The confidential data stored on the Mac OS needs to be erased as anyone does not make misuse of it. For the purpose of wipe mac clean, you can go for Disk Utility or can use stellar wipe mac software.

Consider a situation where you are making up your mind to sell your Mac system but before this want to wipe mac hard drive in order to prevent the data from misuse. To accomplish this task, you can make use of Disk Utility by going through the following steps:

  • First of all, restart your system with the help of CD came along with the system. While the rebooting process is going on, press C key
  • Then choose the language you prefer and click on Disk Utility option from the Installer menu
  • Now you need to select the mac hard drive that you want to wipe and click on Erase tab available at the right side of the window
  • The next step is to select Mac OS Extended from Volume formatted drop-down menu and name the drive.
  • After performing all these steps, you need to select the erase option from 4 choices available.
  • Don’t erase data: this option only erases such data that are used to access other files.

    Zero out data: It overwrites the entire data with zero

    7-Pass EraseIt overwrites the whole mac hard drive data seven times with garbage values

    35-Pass Erase: mostly used in the case of extremely private data as it overwrites the data 35 times and thus is impossible to recover after wiping.

  • Select the option as per your requirement and click on Erase button

But the above steps of Disk Utility regarding wipe mac clean is quite time consuming as well as tedious, so its better to go for stellar wipe mac software which is capable enough to completely erase mac hard drive in least amount of time period.