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Stellar Phoenix Entourage Repair

Stellar Pdf repair tool to repair corrupt pdf files

PDF(Portable Document Format) files are basically used to represent two-dimensional documents in the form of resolution independent fixed-layout document format. These files consists of text, images, fonts as well as 2D vector graphics in order to represent the document in an interesting way. But at times you might face problems or errors while opening pdf files after which the need arises for stellar pdf repair tool. Some of the common situations faced are:

  • When pdf file frequently hangs up at the time of printing
  • The time you find that the created pdf files is unreadable with Acrobat Reader application
  • When you face the situation of Broken download corruption
  • When error messages indicating 'file is corrupt or damaged' is receieved when accessing pdf files

The foremost reason responsible behind all of these situations is the pdf file corruption which can be due to many reasons like virus attack, unexpected system shutdown, problems while downloading or uploading, software malfunction, incompatibility issues with the programs creating or reading PDF files, file header corruption or slow, bad download because of improper Internet connection etc.

So, you need to fix corrupt pdf files to get rid of the above situations and to have further access to it. For this, stellar pdf recovery tool is the best option to opt for. Some of the advanced features of this software are as follows:

  • Repairs as well as recovers all the pdf files regardless of the corruption reasons
  • The recovery process is carried out without making any kind of changes in the PDF files and retains all its objects like forms, header and footer, page format, word art, clip art, charts, shapes, tables etc This tool also helps in pdf repair from CD ROM as well as flash memory devices
  • Compatible with almost all versions of Windows operating system
  • In case if you are unable to remember the path where corrupt pdf file is stored, then this tool offers you search option so as to find the pdf file you want to repair
  • Works to extract images from the files going to be repaired and saves them at a place for further use
  • During the recovery process, removes up the restrictions applied on the pdf files like printing, editing, copying etc

So, considering the above features use stellar pdf repair tool to repair as well as recover the corrupt or damaged PDF(Portable Document Format) files.