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An Introduction to Oracle Recovery

Oracle is the most latest and extensively used database that is used in big industries and offices for storing important business transactions as DBF files also known as Oracle database files. Like any other database applications, the DBF files stored in Oracle database can get corrupted sometimes and become completely in accessible. In such scenario, there arises a major problem of data loss and the issue has to be resolved for preventing major loss to the Industries and Offices using Oracle database. Although Oracle Corporation have recommended several beneficial methods to resolve the database corruption matters at every level but in case if the issue fails to resolve, then one has to make use of some alternatives as Oracle recovery utility.

The user may sometimes experience error messages while using or accessing Oracle database. Corruption or damage to the database files is one of the major reason for some of the below mentioned Oracle database error messages as:

  • ORA-01043: user side memory corruption
  • ORA-01053: user storage address cannot be read
  • ORA-01073: fatal connection error: unrecognized call type
  • ORA-01079: Oracle database was not properly created, operation aborted

Oracle is enabled with the features of instant recovery and crash recovery in case of any corruption or damage to DBF files automatically. Instant recovery can be achieved in open database by following two basic steps. Firstly, one requires to forward a backup through 'redo records', a process of creating a current time backup. And secondly, changing or converting the transactions back to its default state.

Oracle recovery is used in case of breakdown of database or during multi instance database crash. However, if the user finds it difficult to recover oracle database files, it is advised to make use of third party Oracle recovery tool.

Some of the best features of the software are:

  • It is efficient in performing oracle database recovery and recovers entire database components
  • It recovers important tables, tablespaces, views, stored procedures and clusters etc
  • It scans the corrupt and damaged Oracle database for best possible recovery results
  • It has the option of recovering selected DBF file component