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Recovery of Entourage Data Using Entourage Recovery Software

Entourage is one of the best email client applications for Mac operating systems. It is also used as personal information manager which is developed by Microsoft corp. for Mac OS 8.5 and later versions. Lastly the version for entourage application was introduced in 2008 for Mac based computer systems. The application was full of features same as outlook now has managing the emails was the ordinary task of this email client application there were some additional features added like Auto text Cleanup, Define and Pop up Menus. But there were also lots of problem like data corruption etc, after which user need for entourage recovery.

In lots of cases users are unable to see and access their previous data of entourage application. It can happen if you have deleted lots of unread mails. It is not the only reason behind entourage problems or errors, thus it can show complete blank window when you access your account. The problem exist due to lots of reasons in which data corruption is on the top of these, which finally lead to data loss if entourage recovery is not performed under time.

The error leads to big problem when you become unable to see you emails, notes, tasks, journals and contacts in entourage main window. The list if every item shows as blank like there was nothing in it. Even the previous important emails which are already saved after you read it. Now all your valuable saved data becomes unusable in one stroke and you face data loss situation. The reason behind the data loss can be as same as the follows:

  • One of of the main reason is improper handling of entourage application, when you shut down improperly then it loses data
  • Several type of similar actions causes damage and corruption to the database such as virus attack etc
  • The only that comes in everyone minds facing the problem that how can we recover our files. Is there any solution to recover our lost data? Can we get those data like previous it was?
  • The answer is Yes you can get. You can easily resolve the problem of data loss if you perform following database repair methods
  • You can easily restore your entourage database from backup where entourage database archive in RGE file format. Simple import the files to your account and recover recover the database easily
  • You can also rebuild your corrupt identity in case if backup is not available or updated. By using the database utility tool you can do so very easily

After performing above methods if your data is still unavailable then you need to take help of entourage recovery tool. The third party tool can easily recover corrupted entourage data.

Take a brief look on the features of the recovery software:

  • The recovery tool can easily recover or repair the emails, address book, contacts, tasks, notes,calendar etc. from any RGE file
  • It shows the total number of items which in file, also count for entourage folder
  • The recovered data of RGE file can be imported easily to entourage
  • It generate the preview of files which are available to be recovered
  • It is compatible for entourage 2004 and 2008 version