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Corrupted DB2 Database Recovery

DB2 is termed to be the shortened format of Database 2 that running under wide range of computer platforms as an open database environment. Single user application as well as multi user application use DB2 database facilitating variety of application alteration and management tools. Being introduced by IBM corporation this very database application is known to be as the first database application using SQL in it. DB2 database were basically used in IBM mainframes and afterward it started being used in variant platforms such UNIX, LINUX, Windows, OS/2, etc.

However as corruption, damage or failure issue is common to be experienced and thus in that instance user gets troubled about what measure to be taken so as to secure information contained in database. Most of the time user finds strange error note from FB2 application and the process or data access being done gets hanged in the midway. This could lead into huge data loss and user may get the whole information stored inside the database table lost. Resolving and handling database requires one to fix the error issues first so that the risk of data loss could be resolved. Common error that comes up with DB2 database are as below;

  • “The transaction log for the database is full”
  • “SQL1034C The database is damaged”
  • SQL2216N SQL error "-1224" occurred while reorganizing a database

In most of the above error there are maximum chances of loosing data from the database therefore user is required to take use of DB2 commands to get the issues resolved those are responsible for the error error eruption. However if despite of trying all the commands provide by DB2 application the error still erupts over the screen then it needs to use the backup file to restore it so that the database information is not lost by means of restoring backup data.

Generally backup file in major workplaces maintaining the entire company details or transaction inside DB2 database keeps updating the backup file and therefore in such fatal situation these backup file is helpful to get the data restored. But in case if backup file has not been updated from long time then recovering the lost data seems to be the most important at the same time tough task to be done.

But DB2 recovery software resolves the trouble in just few clicks. DB2 recovery software is an outstanding database recovery program that is designed with improved recovery terminology that once installed and executed looks for every fields those are missing and are associated with the database including the queries, settings tables, triggers, schema and the relevant commands that were applied in the database information as well.